Friday, February 27, 2009

when Lucas can't or doesn't wear his processor...

There are times when Lucas CAN'T wear his processor:

1. bathing/swimming - water + CI = disaster
2. sleeping - not necessary, will fall right off and be uncomfortable

There are times when Lucas often DOESN'T wear his processor:

1. car - if I'm driving alone, he often pulls off his hat and the processor and uses it as a chew toy (no good)
2. highchair - as soon as he turns his head, it's off... I've been opting for the booster seat on a normal chair lately, because his head is above the back and the processor won't fall off
3. blanket time - you might be asking, what is blanket time? Well watch and see for yourself (there's no talking, just baby "grunting effort" noises):

Lucas loves blankets. If he sees one on the ground, he goes into a sprawl (a sprint crawl), and dives and rolls and rolls and rolls. If he eyes a blanket in his crib, he sprawls over to it and pulls it out from between the bars so he can play with it. During this activity, the processor falls off and I worry about the static that's being created anyway, so I often just remove it until he's done. We should just get rid of all his toys, and put blankets on the ground. They provide lots of entertainment for him. What will he do when it's summer and there are no more blankets everywhere? I'm sure he'll find something else... :)


Laura's medical journey said...

awww that video is soooooo cute!! :D I can see how his implant would fall off rolling around!!! :D bless him x

leah said...

I love blanket time! That is so cute- you'll be glad you got that on video because they grow so fast.

How do CI's do in the sandbox? We're going to CA in April and will be at the beach a lot, and we're going to leave Nolan's hearing aids off because I'm worried about sand getting into the BTE portion of the aid.

Tanna's Triplets said...

Aww, very cute!! I love we buy the kids every shape size and color of toys and they end up playing with the box or a blanket!

tammy said...

He is too cute! Reminds me a lot of Aiden playing with everything BUT his toys! My daughter was a "blankie" girl, we didn't leave home without one - even in the middle of hot Texas summers!