Monday, February 2, 2009

Mr. Popper's Penguins

Lucas loves to play. I guess, don't all children love to play? It amazes us how he plays so well by himself too... his favorite toy is the Laugh and Learn House by Fisher Price. He has so much fun with it... there's so much to do!

Lucas also LOVES his books. He could spend an hour just flipping through his books. And he likes to pull them off the bookshelves now too. :)

Right now, in my attempt to give him constant spoken language input, I am reading Mr. Popper's Penguins aloud to him. It's one of my favorite books from my childhood. Sometimes, I just don't have anything more to say, so I read to him out loud, in my best teacher voice! We're almost done with it though, so I need another book to read aloud, when I need to fill that void. Any recommendations?


leahlefler said...

We are a house FULL of books right now (with library books and our own collection). Some James Herriot (the vet) stories have been turned into children's books ("Only one Woof") and those are pretty poignant. They're geared toward older children, but my kids will listen to them! There are also two great reference books on read alounds. One is called the Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease and the other is Deconstructing Penguins by the Goldstones.

Ambulance Mommy said...

I have sooo many books for my little one, and each month he has a new favorite. He's got a bunch of kids books that he loves, and then some "nice" books that I read to him for bedtime stories. One of our favorite bedtime stories is "Even Firefighters Hug their moms" and then we sometimes read a section of a chapter (they are really long chapters!) of my original Winnie the Pooh anthology. Winnie the Pooh has a lot of rhymes in it, and some poetry too, which is kind of cute and rhythmic.

Julia said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog (Orange -- about Ben). Yours is great! I'll definitely want to follow Lucas' hearing journey. I highly recommend the baby magazine "Babybug", published by Cricket publishing. Ben LOVES it. Short little stories and rhymes, a lot to talk about in the illustrations.

susannah said...

Love your blog- and you guys are just a couple of months ahead of us! YAY for books!