Friday, February 20, 2009

meow, meow breakthrough

I knew the cats were good for something (just kidding, Diane!). Lucas was consistently pointing to the cats today when I would meow (still hasn't gotten old, but I'll let you know when it does). He also signed cat!!! I think he's been doing it for a while, but I wasn't certain. I guess I'm a little video happy too, but when I get something on video, it's reinforcement to me that he's doing what I think - proof, I guess. And, it's a nice record to look back on. Here's the "meow" video:

I also have a short video of Lucas turning to his name. He doesn't always turn, but at least vocalizes then when he hears his name.

I'd love it if he would start talking, but at least we're seeing some progress! Spoken communication has 3 big components - language, audition and speech. Lucas has been getting language input through sign since he was 3 months old, and auditory input for 6 weeks now. He's at least vocal and making "mmm" and "ahhh" in addition to lots of babbling. Words will come, I just have to keep reminding myself that "it's a marathon and not a sprint" (got that from another fabulous blog mom), and that his hearing age is only 6 weeks. We're seeing that Lucas's receptive language is really taking off (both through spoken language and sign), and he's learned a few more signs. Now I'm waiting for the all important first word...


Julia said...

Great stuff! You have proof that he's actually hearing and understanding in a real-world setting, not just the booth. That's the all-important first step, and then the speech comes naturally over time. With Ben, the first couple of months post-activation were a time of absorption. His babbling improved and he uttered his first words, but there wasn't massive progress on that front. And then a point came where his speech just took off. Now he tries to imitate almost everything we say, and that has led to a huge increase in his expressive vocab.

Steve said...

This is Cal's dad, you commented on our blog. Your blog is so great. I have been looking for someone that has gone through all of this recently. It looks like your little dude is doing awesome. You might get a few questions from me in the future. Thanks!