Tuesday, February 10, 2009

30 dB or bust

Lucas had another mapping yesterday at CHOP. Despite the fact that he was not feeling particularly well, he was testing at 30 dB in the booth! That's just crazy to me! A month ago, he wasn't even testing at 120 dB. It might still even get better... something like 15 to 20 dB maybe (I've been told). He got 4 new programs to work through until we return in a month. He continues to wear his processor well - with a little bit of toupee tape, it stays behind his ear really well, and he doesn't mess with it much!

He had a speech evaluation also, and she was pleased with his progress so far... he's interested in sound, responds to the ling sounds, and is producing "ahhh" and "mmmm." So, it's now up to Lucas! Everything is working in his favor, and his brain needs to continue to learn to make sense of the "sound" he is hearing. Lots and lots of auditory input is so essential right now, and Mommy is working very hard at that!

We just got his 1 year pics back... isn't he just the cutest thing? We just love him to pieces!


Julia said...

Yeah, Lucas is pretty darned cute!! Ben has responded to speech at 15 dB in the booth (although not consistently). These CIs are absolutely amazing. Happy Hearing!

tammy said...

He is SO cute! and 30db already!!!! WOW! He's amazing and is just taking off and showing how he loves to hear! Love him!