Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. If I get around to posting a Ten on Tuesday next week, it will be my last day of work for the summer! CAN'T WAIT!

2. Lucas started camp today at his preschool. He's going twice a week for two 3-week sessions. He told me: "I liked going camping today!" So cute.

3. Lucas is a fish. He likes to swim around in his little pool with his face in the water. I need to get this boy some swimming lessons. It's on my to do list for tomorrow.

I love this picture!

4. We had a great family day last Saturday! I signed Lucas up for the summer reading program at our local library, we picked up our second CSA share (and saw the farmer & chickens, aka Lucas's favorite part), and went to a strawberry festival. Lucas liked the barrel ride the best, riding it three times.

5. June is our month at CHOP. Lucas will be having surgery on June 20, and he'll also be seeing audiology, speech, cardiology & genetics in a matter of a week. Such is the life of a teacher. June appointments are coveted.

6. It's a really good thing that Lucas is seeing audiology soon. I think he needs a new map. His new ear needs to be tweaked a little bit. I guess that's what frequent mapping appointments are for the first year.

7. We took Lucas to pick strawberries last week... he was really interested in picking the "orange" ones, and it was tough to convince him otherwise!

8. Lucas and I have some big plans for this summer... In addition to my ABC's of summer plan (more on that later), I'm looking forward to a little bit of me time while he's at camp. I want to read (finish) these books: If a Tree Falls: A Family's to Hear and be Heard, and Sounds from Silence: Graeme Clark and the Bionic Ear Story. Any other suggestions for hearing loss / CI books that I might enjoy?

9. Skip right to #10 for an interesting development in our family saga...

10. We're having a baby GIRL in November! Lucas is going to be a big brother! Here she is!!


Lone Star Family said...

Yay!! So excited for you!! Lucas will be a great big brother! Best wishes!!

tammy said...

Even though I commented on FB last night I had to scream out again - YAHHOOOOO! I am SO excited for you all! Lucas is going to be such a great big brother! My oldest two are about the same ages apart as Lucas and his baby sister, and it was very nice with Ryan being able to do more for himself having a new baby! and such a great ultrasound picture! Love, love, triple love!!!!

tammy said...

oh (got hung up on #10 heehee), and hope you all have a great summer too! Sounds like June's going to be very busy! Can't wait to hear about the ABC's of summer! Sounds fun!

leah said...

I am so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see the newest addition - she is going to be a cutie pie (judging by her older brother)!

You sound VERY busy in June - I can't imagine wrapping up a school year as a teacher, in addition to setting up all the summer activities. I can't wait to hear about Lucas's summer camp!