Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful on Thursday

Things for which I'm thankful this Thursday...

1. A great cardiology appointment. We were in and out of there in about 45 minutes, including an EKG, a heart echo and two visits with his cardiologist. Lucas was cooperative, although a bit apprehensive of all the tests. We also got a preliminary results reading of status quo. His heart condition is no better, but it also does not appear worse! We'll take it. You can read a little more about Lucas's heart here.

2. Our new home and new neighbors. We enjoyed spending time with our neighbors at "hot dog Thursday" tonight, while Lucas played with the neighborhood kids. I love that our neighborhood gets along so well that we have a get together once a week!

3. Waterproofing CI efforts. Lucas is a different kid in the water when he can listen and we can reason with  him. We are limited to our 50 or so survival signs, which don't include ultimatums, reasoning, and bribery. It's so much more effective when he can hear us!

4. Summer break. My stress level has decreased significantly, as has my blood pressure! I am thoroughly enjoying being home full-time with little-boy-blue. He's enjoying his "mommy days" too!

5. The public library. Lucas has a love of books, and is highly motivated by new books. We have been having a blast visiting the library to check out books and DVDs every week. The summer is still young too...

6. A boy that never stops talking. He talks to himself, he talks to his stuffed animals & he talks to me constantly. It never.gets.old. I will I often ponder the idea that he was truly born to talk. Without his CIs, that never would have been a reality for him. It's so sad for me to think about.

7. Light-blocking blinds in Lucas's bedroom. With these blinds, he doesn't mind going to bed before it's dark, and he would also sleep until 9 AM some mornings, if I would let him. He's rather sensitive to light, I believe in part due to a heightening of his 4 other senses, because of his loss of hearing. It's just a mama theory though.

8. 2-sided wig tape. When we saw Lucas in recovery after his most recent surgery, the nurse informed us that Lucas would have to wear his left (new) ear only, because of the incision. I laughed out loud. We could try that, I thought to myself, if she wanted to see a very agitated preschooler yelling, "I need my ear," while groggily awakening from anesthesia. Instead, I popped off the ear hook and stuck it to his head with the ear tape that I keep in all of my bags. Beautiful solution. She even thought so.

9. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I wouldn't imagine taking Lucas anywhere else right now for all of his specialty care. We feel very blessed to live within (pretty) easy driving distance to their facilities. Lucas sees some of the best doctors in the nation, and I feel very comfortable with him in their care.

10. Family. I'm so thankful for the very special relationships that Lucas has with both sets of grandparents and his aunts and cousins. They also help us out tremendously. I'm so glad that we live so close to everyone.

For what are you thankful this Thursday?

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Melanie said...

Love this post. I too am thankful for the waterproofing and laughed because ultimatum and bribes are not easily to lip read. :)

Enjoy your Summer!