Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the next day

Lucas is totally back to himself, and he had a great day. I did give him some Tylenol, but I sent him to camp because he seemed to be feeling so well. It is amazing how quickly he is able to bounce back from surgery. He's even looking forward to heading back to the hospital tomorrow to see speech and audiology. We talked a lot about how he would not see any "hospital beds" and there would be no "ouchies", but that he would have to listen with his new ear! I'm really hoping he cooperates. I'm prepared to take him to the Please Touch Museum after his appointments, and bribery is not out of the question to get him to cooperate... maybe he'll just do it naturally though!

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leah said...

I hope he cooperates! We use bribery all the time (the last hearing test came with a trip to the zoo if he cooperated). I'm glad that Lucas is recovering - I really hope that cyst stays away for good this time!