Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

After a short hiatus, I'm back with some updates!

1. Lucas has had a little language boom, like today. We've been working on "do" support, and he's finally using it unprompted. Instead of "Mommy, you want to play outside with me?", he's consistently asking, "Mommy, do you want to play outside with me?" He was even emphasizing the do.

2. While we were playing outside, he started to take off in his "pedal truck," (aka motorized car), and I asked him where he was going. He responded, "space, outer space." Where did he get that one?

3. When I was putting him to bed tonight, I said, "Goodnight, Lucaberry" (one of my nicknames for him). He said: "That's not my name. My name is Lucas... You can't call me that. You eat berries, like blueberries. But, I'm a boy. You can't eat me." Whoa. That blew me away.

4. Lucas has woken up the past 3 morning dry. I was so impressed the first day, but I didn't expect it the next day or the next. I'm just so floored that he's potty-trained during the day at all, that I've had no expectations for overnight. We'll see what happens tomorrow!

5. Lucas has officially bonded with his ear. He hardly touches it in the car anymore. In fact, the other day, when I took his new ear upon entering the car, he asked me, "Why are you taking my ear?"

6. While we were playing outside tonight, his new ear fell off. I took it for safe keeping, because I figured the wig tape had lost its stickiness, and I would replace it when we went back inside. He walked right over to me, and said, "I need my ear." I've been waiting for that moment for about 5 months now. So happy.

7. Lucas stopped by at International Culture Day at our high school, and sat so still to have his face painted. He chose an elephant. Lucas was so excited that so many students knew his name! What can I say... we talk about him a lot, and his reputation certainly precedes him!

8. Lucas continues to eat great international food with us! Sunday night he enjoyed sushi. He ate an entire roll (6 pieces) of California roll and shrimp tempura. He was eating edamame like candy too. He was really into eating with (modified) chopsticks AND he was pretty successful too. I hope he never gives up his adventurous eating habits!

9. We picked up our first share from a local CSA. I'm so excited to pick up our produce directly from the farm, and to share that experience with Lucas. We got lettuce, arugula, tatsoi, bok choi, and radishes. It feels so good to buy fresh & local, and to try some great veggies that we normally wouldn't buy. Lucas liked seeing the farm and the chickens, but he wanted to know where the roosters were. I didn't have a good answer for him.

10. We have less than 3 weeks of school left. The students aren't the only ones counting down...


Melinda said...

sounds like he is doing just amazing!~glad he has bonded with his other ear. Well done on the potty training too. My lil guy trained in 2 days & was trained at night straight away! i think some boys just train automatically at night i guess. its a GREAT sign he has done 3 nights on dry though! hope it continues! :) Hope he has a nice last couple weeks of school then great summer vacation :)

tammy said...

What an awesome update!!! He is such a rockstar and truly is skyrocketing to outer space! Way to go buddy!

PS - email me if you're still headed to Columbus and when!

Julia said...

Wow -- his response to "Lucaberry" was amazing! I *love* those language growth spurts. Ben likes to try using our chop sticks, but we haven't tried modifying a pair for him yet. And it's great that he's bonded with his new ear.

leah said...

Dry at night - woo hoo! That is awesome! I still can't believe that this school year is nearly over. Time flies, I suppose... I just can't believe Pre-K is just around the corner (yikes)!

Also, i am jealous of your sushi. Seriously jealous. Sigh...

Amy said...

Wow your kid never ceases to amaze me! Especially the paragraph about the berries, etc. You must be over the moon.