Thursday, December 23, 2010


Happy birthday to my little man. I can just feel that *three* is going to be a fantastic age.


the day we brought him home from the hospital


at his 1st birthday party


right after he turned 2

at his 3rd birthday party

Last week when Lucas was standing in the middle of his play room, playing on his horn and singing into his play microphone, I did some reflecting. I started to wonder if we might have a different child without his cochlear implant(s). Would he have the same interests? Would he be as outgoing? Would he be bossy like he is? Would he have the same relationship as he does with his Nanny? I don't know for sure, but I really don't think so. I don't think he would enjoy his shows, or singing and dancing, and he certainly wouldn't be as bossy as he is. His life has been changed. Our lives have been changed. What an amazing journey the past 3 years have been.

At the freshly-turned age of 3, Lucas...

* started asking "why?" repeatedly, today, in addition to "what's that?"
* loves pretend play. Right now his green duck is "angel" and his yellow duck is "baby Jesus."
* likes a variety of toys, including his train table, his little people sets and puzzles
* likes to watch the Mickey Mouse Club
* often responds, "um, no thanks" when you ask him whether he wants something
* negotiates everything he does...
* doesn't like to get dressed in the morning
* loves to play at Gymboree
* likes a variety of food, including sushi, guacamole, and edamame, and especially Daddy's mac & cheese
* wears size 2T pants and 2T shirts
* weighs about 28 lbs
* is not yet potty-trained
* speaks as well as his age-equivalent hearing peers
* loves books, and doesn't like the sames books to be read to him all the time (that's fine with me!)
* recites his numbers 1-20 (sometimes skipping over a few...)
* sings the alphabet (with some parts missing) and recognizes the majority of his letters
* knows his shapes and colors
* still lets Mommy give him 500 kisses a day
* loves to play with his cousins and friends, and asks about them too
* still talks about his teachers and friends from JTC, as if we were just there yesterday...
* remembers everything I tell him right before bed the very next morning
* is my biggest inspiration, the reason I get up every morning, and my little hero



Melanie said...

Way to go, Lucas!!!

Julia said...

Great photo gallery -- I always think it's amazing how when you look at a baby, you can't imagine what he'll look like in a few years, but when you look back at the baby pictures later then it just seems so obvious, like there's no other way he could have turned out. Every curve and dimple seems predestined. And Lucas is so adorable!!! Happy Birthday, kid! And Merry Christmas!

tammy said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!!! I simply cannot believe our boys are this age already! (well, Aiden will be in March). He is doing amazing Jen!

Anonymous said...

wow! Happy Birthday to Lucas!!!
It is so touching that he is doing very well!

No matter he will be a happy boy =D


Kristine N said...

Happy birthday (a bit late)!!! It's amazing how much he's changed. He's one lucky kid, both for the miracle of his hearing and for the wonderful parents he has!