Saturday, December 18, 2010

after a week...

The first week post-activation was not particularly easy for Lucas. But I think we're getting somewhere. Maybe it's the fact that he's on program 4 now, or that he has had a week to adjust to new sound, or maybe a combination of both, but we saw a great improvement in his willingness to wear his 2nd CI today. Maybe it's also because today was his birthday party (more on that later), or because all of his favorite people were at our house today, but he didn't even try to take it off and hand it to me.

We're making progress.

On Friday, when his wonderful AVT was here, he even wore his new CI all by itself for an entire hour. That might not sound like a big deal, but it really is. We noticed that he was okay wearing it until we made him listen, and then he would get frustrated. He was responding to sound, but not really speech, but he repeated "ore" when he heard the word "more." I was seriously excited when I heard him say that.

We're looking forward to Tuesday, when Lucas has a new mapping session and 4 more programs to work through.


Anonymous said...

so happy for you =D
He will learn new sound fast.
Be relax. He can do.

I am glad that you can share his 2nd implant. I want to understand more about 2nd implant.

Because I have CI on my R ear, still be worried and consider if I want to improve my hearing. I don't know if the 2nd implant would be helpful. I know everyone is different.

Hope you will keep to share more his experiences with 2nd implant.

Merry Christmas^^

leah said...

Wow- he is doing really well with his new ear! I wonder if the learning curve will be a little faster since he already has language?? Here's to the next four programs and "learning to listen" with his left ear!!