Sunday, December 19, 2010

birthday festivities

I still have a 2-year-old for a few more days, but we celebrated him turning 3 this weekend. Last year it snowed heavily on the day of his party, so we had a birthday brunch instead. We liked it so much that we decided to do it again this year. Everyone in the family was able to attend, and it was a great day!

This picture is Lucas's birthday sentiment in a nutshell. "Happy Birthdaymas". It feels like Christmas, it looks like Christmas, it sounds like Christmas and it smells like Christmas. I guess that's the way it will always feel. It was especially fun to sing to him this year, because he sang along, with his own version: "happy cake to you..."

He asked for a brown cake... so he got one!

getting ready to sing...

family shot

Today Lucas was supposed to have his 3-year pictures taken, but that fell through, so we decided to continue the celebration at the Strasburg Railroad. It was chilly, but so much fun. His reactions to the big trains were absolutely priceless. He got to see Santa, and there were strolling carolers and musicians on the train too. He kept asking where Thomas was though...

pointing at the other big trains

trying to get the window open

getting tickled by Daddy

riding the cranky train

We also visited the Choo Choo Barn to see a huge indoor toy train display. That was quite impressive.

I can't believe he's all but 3. My how the time flies...


leah said...

Happy birthday, Lucas!!!

I love "birthdaymas!" We have the same thing with Matt (will be five on December 22). This year, we had his "friend" party on December 4, to make sure they wouldn't be too busy to come!

The trains in Strasburg look absolutely amazing- especially with the hand-cranked train the kids could ride. What fun!

Lone Star Family said...

Happy bithday Sweet Lucas! I've loved watching you grow and learn!

Anonymous said...

wow! Time goes fast!
I recalled I visited your blog, Lucas just got implant.

Now, he has CIs and looks awesome that I cannot see his processors on ears! Not like freedom!

He is SO CUTE boy and happy birthday!!!

Keep blog =D

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

I can't believe how fast time has gone. He is such a cutie! Happy Birthday Lucas!