Sunday, June 21, 2009

déjà vu

Happy Father's Day!

Sitting here alone on Father's Day feels like déjà vu. Last year, Nate was in Costa Rica. This year, he is in Peru, actually visiting Machu Picchu as we speak.

And where will he be next year? London, Paris, Florence, Rome, actually. And the next year? The Mediterranean. How and why, you might ask? Student trips. It's a great way to see the world and expose our students to life and culture beyond our little PA town. I also took students to Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland in 2007. But, I'm putting my traveling on hold for the next few years. I've even kind of lost the itch. I just have no interest in leaving Lucas. 5 days in California was almost too much.

Back to the subject at hand... Lucas is so lucky to have Nate as his daddy! And it's times like this, when he's far away, that make me realize even more how special and important he is to both of us. Lucas just adores his daddy. I've been trying not to say "daddy" while he's been gone, because I'm afraid he's going to get really upset that he can't find him.

A lot has happened in our lives in the past year. About this time a year ago, I think our raw grief really started to lift, and we changed completely to advocacy mode, and it hasn't stopped since. Nate has been there every step of the way, rejoicing with me in all of the many little strides Lucas has made. Nate just adores Lucas too. I love his comments about how much he loves him.

This year, we'll celebrate a week late. Maybe some year, Nate will be around for Father's Day. An even better idea is for me to express my gratitude to him for being such a great father every day.

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