Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1st real haircut

This hair was so unruly (especially when he got sweaty!). So, I took him to my hairdresser, and Lucas got his first real haircut! He did pretty well too - a little wiggly (not surprising), but he generally sat really well (on my lap).

Here's his new and improved do (from the back)!


Amy said...

I love Lucas he's so damn cute. I love how he poses for the camera the little ham he is!

Mommom said...

Jen, who is your surgeon?

Morgans Mommom

Kel said...

Looks great, he is way too cute!

tammy said...

Yah, Aiden's daddy keeps trying to convince me to cut his VERY unruly hair too ... and these pics just may have convinced me. Lucas is so dang cute and I love his new do! : )