Friday, August 7, 2009

speech therapy at the petting zoo

What a novel idea! We've been working a lot on farm animals and their sounds lately, so our AWESOME speech therapist suggested we go to a petting zoo to meet the animals in person. We went to Hayloft Candles and Petting Zoo. We had no idea this place even existed! We got to see goats, donkeys, pigs, deer, llamas, ducks, a parrot, a kangaroo!?!, bunnies, birds, peacocks, turkeys, among others.

Lucas didn't exactly name the animals there, but he was very excited! We walked around, making lots of animals sounds. We probably sounded very silly, but it was fun! With all of the pictures that I took, I'm going to make an experience book on Snapfish, so that we can talk about all of the animals that we saw. Maybe we can go back again in a few weeks too. It was free!

Lucas learned to throw food to the ducks

this yak had a really long tongue!

this miniature donkey knew exactly how to ask for food...

Lucas was getting up close and personal with the kangaroo!

sitting like a big boy on a big chair!

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tammy said...

How fun! Great pictures too! We've been trying to get to the DC zoo for the last couple times Mike's had off, but the rain has ruined our plans! I love petting zoos!