Saturday, August 8, 2009

bimodal baby

On Thursday I got a call that Lucas's earmolds were in, and they had a cancellation yesterday, so our baby is officially bimodal, sooner than anticipated. There haven't been any 'aha' moments yet, but I guess he needs time to "learn to listen" with this ear again. It will be interesting to see how he tests in the booth when we head back to CHOP in October.

He wasn't so sure about everything at the audiologist this morning. He kept wanting down off my lap, then he'd toddle over to the door and cry a very pouty cry. He just doesn't seem to like this audiologist. Oh well, we won't have to see her very much.

The HA matches the CI pretty well, although it's much smaller. We're also trying a skeleton earmold with Lucas's CI. It will help keep it on his ear much better. That is, if he leaves it in his ear. So far, he doesn't seem to like it OR the hearing aid. *SIGH*

the skeleton mold for his right ear

the earmold with his HA for the left ear
he's constantly touching it both devices, side-by-side
nope, not gonna wear it...


leah said...

I hope he adjusts to having earmolds again soon! I am always amazed by how much smaller hearing aids are than CI BTE processors. Hopefully, one of these days, they'll manage to make a very small BTE for cochlear implants. it would sure fit on those baby ears better!

Melanie said...

Hope he adjusts soon. Sending good vibes your way!

Tara said...

He'll adjust soon! I even have moments where I have to take my aids out for a few minutes because I can suddenly feel the molds again and they drive me crazy. Everytime he pulls them out, wait a few seconds and then keep putting them back in. It's exhausting but he'll get the picture soon enough! Congratulations on being bimodal.

Julia said...

I'm glad he got his aid so quickly! I know from your cicircle post that it's a rough ride so far -- hopefully he'll get past this and start leaving it in long enough to get some benefit. Even then, it'll probably be quite awhile before you can see the benefits, either at home or in the booth. Ben's at the point now where he can understand some of what we say (in a quiet environment) with just his aid in. He probably wouldn't have come this far without the CI, but now that he knows the words, he can make them out with just the aid. Very useful sometimes. Good luck!

maksmomma09 said...

when he was a baby did he take them out and put them in his mouth we are having trouble with makayla doing that we have tried ribbin on her aids and weave tape but nothing seems to be working do you know any thing