Wednesday, October 13, 2010

home, sweet (new) home

We are pretty well settled in our new home. We will be there three weeks on Friday. It has been a bit of an adjustment for little Lucas. We had our other house well baby-proofed, but we have had to double our efforts in this new house. Almost every door knob has a cover on it, we have locks for all of our cabinets, pantry, refrigerator, and we were forced to anchor his new dresser to the wall, because it almost toppled over on him. He has been less "destructive" this past week, but we're still glad the house is extra safe for him.

He just started sleeping through the night again. I had quite a few long nights sleeping on the floor, using his  bear as a pillow and 3 of his blankets to keep me warm. I had to get him a new night light, because he was pulling the traditional light out of the socket and making me very nervous. Luckily he never broke a bulb, but I wasn't willing to take that chance anymore. This one also sheds less light, and I believe it has contributed greatly to him sleeping through the night again! Here's what it looks like when it's lit. It's cordless too - you just have to charge it during the day. I love it so much, I want to buy it for every mommy I know!

Lucas is enjoying his little pre-preschool class three times a week. He comes home every day with a fun art project and new language. He seems to be doing well in the classroom. Members of his "team", both current and transitional, are observing him in his school environment to see what his needs are. His IEP transition is going pretty smoothly also. Last Friday began his testing, and after a few more evaluations, we will meet for his formal IEP meeting. I can't wait to make my book!

Lucas helped Daddy build a bookshelf last weekend, and was just thrilled to use real tools! (he looks so serious & grown up here!!)

He thinks it's pretty fun to ride his "motorcycle" around the house. He uses it as transportation too, to get him from one room to another.

He likes our new driveway too... especially in the rain with an umbrella four times his size...

He has asked us to get one of these, but that will just have to wait. It sure was fun to play on it at the farm show though!

We were sad to leave our old house for about.... an hour. We love it here soooo much. Seriously though, that house holds a lot of memories. I can remember my highest of highs and my lowest of lows in that house. Every event in our life as a family so far has occurred in that house. Lucas celebrated so many firsts there too, especially with his CI. But, we are ready to move on, to start over, to spring forward, to create new family memories. There's no turning back!


tammy said...

Glad you all are getting settled and Lucas is sleeping through the night! Maybe I need to try that nightlight, because Aiden is up MANY times a night. You're neighborhood looks beautiful. Cheers to new fun and exciting memories being made in your new house and cherishing those from your old one!

leah said...

What a great new house! I love that nightlight- where did you find it? We have a dimmer switch that we leave on the lowest level, but it is a tad too bright. A cordless nightlight is perfect! I hope your IEP meeting goes well and I can't wait to see the books you make for the meeting.

Lucas is adorable with that big umbrella!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Hey guys! I got it at Target. You can search "circo car LED nightlight". There's also a bear, a mushroom and a bird. It's great!!!

xraevision said...

I'm happy to hear that Lucas is doing so well. I love the photo of him using REAL tools! I just snapped a similar shot of X with Daddy a few weeks ago, they were just building random stuff with scrap wood. It passed a LOT of time and gave us Daddy an opportunity to teach some new language.

Emily said...

Your new house looks wonderful! Glad the move went smoothly and you guys are enjoying your new home. Lucas' pics are so cute!