Sunday, July 18, 2010

a short day 5

Wow, I can't believe the first week is over! Today we were finished at noon, and it really flew by. After spending the first hour with Lucas in the classroom, we had a session on behavioral regulation in children, and then support group, which I really look forward to.

Since all of the kids and teachers were outside when I said goodbye to Lucas today, I decided to take some pictures of the empty classroom. I blurred out some names and faces, in case you were wondering why the pictures look a little bit funny. Since Lucas is a bit more emotionally attached to me, I say good-bye first, and then Nate says good-bye. I get the easy job. Nate also leaves more easily. It works.

If you want a really great explanation of today's session on behavioral regulation in children, please see Leah's blog. She always recaps our topics really well. I thought the topic was very interesting, although it, of course, makes me a little paranoid about Lucas's self-regulating behavior. But, I'm happy that Lucas seems to be doing pretty well. This week was not easy for him with separating from us, but each day got easier, even to the point where he wouldn't get upset and cry during transitions on Friday like he did the rest of the week. I also think that some of the behavior he exhibits can just be contributed to the fact that he is 2. If he were 4 or 5 and still not transitioning well, etc. I would be concerned. I'm happy to see progress right now though.

I wanted to say a few words about support group. On days 1 & 2, we met as a large group of 18 families, and were each given the opportunity to tell "our story". It was therapeutic in and of itself to hear all the stories - to find families with which we have very similar experiences, and to understand more where other families are coming from and the daily challenges they face. On day 4, we were split into 2 groups to make it a little smaller. On days 4 & 5, we really had an open forum to talk about whatever was on our minds. I just listened and didn't say much. Nate and I are at a much earlier stage of our journey than many of the other families, and still have so much to learn, especially concerning school decisions. Lucas is the 2nd to youngest of the entire group of 18 at 2.5, and hasn't yet transitioned to preschool age, although that will occur soon.

Week one as John Tracy Clinic is over, and I feel like it has just begun!

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xraevision said...

Do I ever miss support group! Definitely one of the key components of the JTC philosophy and success. I didn't realize how insightful and cathartic it would be to listen and talk to other parents of deaf children. I have been getting a little more involved in our local community and hoping to start or, at least, encourage a similar type of group here.

It is so important to remember that our boys are only two years old. Sometimes we get caught up in all of the issues and forget the basics!