Tuesday, July 13, 2010

JTC, day 2

This will be a very short post, with more updates tomorrow. Lucas will not go to sleep. His day went pretty well, until he awoke from his nap and wouldn't stop calling my name. I think he's afraid I won't be here when he wakes up, just like this afternoon. He won't go to sleep with me lying in bed with him, in the bed next to him, or even rocking him. I'm taking a break right now, and Nate's on "get Lucas to go to sleep duty." But, I'm headed back into his room again soon.

This evening we enjoyed spending time with the families on the lawn next to our apartment. It was nice to get to know some of them better. Today at the John Tracy Clinic, we met with his speech and language teacher, and had an audiological consultation, in addition to support group and lectures on language acquisition, communication methods and bilingualism. It was definitely a full day. We're all pretty tired, and hoping that Lucas goes to sleep very soon. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


leah said...

Oh, no! I was hoping that he'd go to sleep easily after all that playing. I hope today goes better- it is so tough when they're distressed. Maybe Friday will be a good day for him (if nothing else) since it gets out at 12:00. I think nap time throws a lot of the kids, because it is very disorienting to wake up in a strange place.

I hope you guys get some sleep tonight!

xraevision said...

We found that a lot of the children, especially the younger ones, had a little trouble adjusting to their new life at JTC, but most kiddos settled in nicely after a few days. Good luck!