Saturday, April 3, 2010

not quite as expected...

Lucas woke up Tuesday morning with pink eye. Yes, my healthy boy, who has been illness-free since before Christmas, woke up the day before his long-scheduled thumb surgery with pink eye. Bringing bacteria & infection into the OR is not a great idea. Surgery was canceled, and the perfect timing that I had planned for was thrown away with it. Had it been a few days beforehand, we would have been good to go. What crappy luck. Can you tell I'm a little upset? Understatement. I don't know yet when surgery will be rescheduled. His surgeon only operates on Wednesday afternoons, and that's terribly inconvenient with a full-time work schedule. We might just wait until June now.

Yesterday we headed to CHOP for Lucas's 1-year post-CI evaluation. Yes, 15 months after activation. Why you might ask? Because we had to cancel because of snowmageddon, and this is the first we could reschedule. Thank goodness we didn't have to reschedule again because of pink eye (the pediatrician cleared us). Everything went well, and we even ran into Mikaela and her family! It was a little stressful, because Lucas had his own agenda all day, but he performed decently well for his speech eval, and we were able to get some booth test results. His audi changed his map a tad, and reported that electrodes 11 & 13 still need to stay deactivated, although no more need to be turned off (knock on wood). We head back in 3 months (right before we leave for LA) for an audio check.

On the bright side, during our doctor visit this week, we were able to get some tests/paperwork completed for our trip to JTC this summer! Lucas got his TB test, and I got copies of his immunization records. Now, Nate just has to get his TB test (because I already I have mine), and we'll be ready to spend July in sunny southern California. So excited! We're looking forward to meeting Nolan & family too, in addition to the program!!

We're enjoying the beautiful spring weather this Easter weekend. Monday we are headed back to CHOP for cardiology. This is our 9-month follow-up visit. We had to switch providers, because Penn State Hershey no longer accepts our public insurance. So, we are now going to see a cardiologist at CHOP. I've been wanting to migrate all of his specialists there anyway, so it kind of worked out. It will make future surgeries much easier for getting cardiac anesthesia clearance too, since for each of his surgeries so far, we had to get Hershey to fax his info to the surgeon, who then sent it to cardiac anesthesia for clearance. Now, they can just make a phone call. Luckily, we only have to go to the King of Prussia office, which is about 2/3 of the way to the main hospital. It cuts out an hour of round-trip travel time. Please pray for continued status quo with his heart condition. Maybe they won't want to see him back for a year!

So, although the week turned out to be not quite as expected, we're making the best of it! We look forward to spending time with family tomorrow! Happy Easter!


PinkLAM said...

Ah, the pink eye is a bummer! I hope you're able to reschedule the surgery soon. It sounds like little Lucas is doing well with his CIs, and I'm sure going to JTC will only further his progress. Glad you're making the best of the situation, and y'all will be in my thoughts for the cardiology appointment. He's such a cutie :)

leah said...

Ugh! Seriously, the most stressful part leading up to any procedure is trying to keep them well. It seems the viruses go into overdrive whenever a kiddo has a procedure planned! I hope the pink eye clears up soon, and that you can get this rescheduled and behind you.

I have my fingers crossed for his cardiology appointment- here's to maintaining the status quo!

I still have to get everyone's TB tests done. I don't think Matt needs one (won't be participating in the program), but the rest of us need them. Perhaps I should get that done before the tonsillectomy, just to get it out of the way.

I really can't wait until July- warm beaches are coming our way soon! Also, I asked Monica if you could walk to the Science Center from JTC and she said that you could. That place is pretty cool- very hands-on!

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Ugh! How frustrating! I hope it's rescheduled soon for you!