Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do you know the colors of our rainbow?

Every time I talk to Lucas about his colors, this song comes to mind: Colors of the Rainbow from Signing Time. I love it. I think it has a nice tune, and I think it's fun to sign the colors. Rachel Coleman (of Signing Time) is an amazing inspiration, and she writes a really great blog here.

Anyway, back to Lucas. He knows most of his colors now (except some of the more obscure ones). He likes to name the colors of objects. Sometimes he'll even say "not green, not blue, not white, not pink, it's purple." But, recently he has taken to naming the colors for objects one step further. The other morning when I woke him up before school (7 AM) to take him to Nate's mom's house for the day, he started listing car colors for several people in our family: me, Nate, Oma, Opa, Nanny, Granddad. And I was really blown away. I just had no idea that he stored that kind of information! He would probably list more, but two of his aunts' cars are silver, so I think he just ignores them, haha.

So, here it is. I had to prompt him a little, but you can definitely see the wheels turning! "Haha", by the way, is "grandma." That's one word that he can not say yet, so that is his approximation for it. Please excuse the nudy boy. It was one of those exceptionally warm spring days, and I was letting him enjoy it!! (*turn off the music player first*)


leah said...

Get a load of those four word sentences! Awesome!

He has a great memory to remember everyone's car colors- I don't think I can remember what color car my parents have, lol!

Also, he is seriously adorable. How is the whole pink eye situation going? I hope everyone is well now!

Melanie said...


tammy said...

Wow Jen! That is just AMAZING! Lucas bud, you absolutely rock!

Julia said...

Wow!!! I think those Signing Time videos are great for overall language development, regardless of whether the kids pick up any signs. Ben loves that song.