Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

lions &

tigers &

bears, oh my!

Yesterday we visited Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, located in Halifax, PA, just north of Harrisburg. What a hidden gem! Seriously, if you live anywhere close to Central PA, or are traveling through the area, make this a stop on your list. It's inexpensive when it comes to zoos, and the variety of animals is impressive. You can see lions, tigers, bears, kangaroos, alligators, monkeys, llamas, camels, ostriches, among many others. Maybe I'm just easily amused.

The highlight of the park is definitely the safari tour. They take old school buses, chop the tops off, and paint them to create safari buses. Tour guides take you on a 45 minute ride across 150 acres of rolling land where you see herds of wild and exotic animals from around the world. Lucas was dressed for the safari, with khakis, and a bucket hat. We also had the best seats in the house, right up front, thanks to our friends, Aaron & Megan, who invited us! Megan's grandfather actually started the park, and her grandmother still lives on the premises.
Lucas is on the lookout...

This longhorn got up close and personal with Lucas on the bus!

There's a petting zoo and a reptile show to see too. Check out the cool signs hung up around the park...

Lucas learned the sign for monkey while we were there, yay! Tomorrow we're off to the Philadelphia Zoo. We got free teacher passes for the summer, so we're taking advantage of it!


leah said...

Very cool! If we're out that way, we'll have to check it out (I think it is about 5 hours from us, though). The safari ride looks really neat!

Faith said...

We have a Philly Zoo membership! If you want to meet up sometime, let me know. We love it there! Have a GREAT time!