Monday, July 20, 2009

BTE experiment

Interestingly, all of the families we met this weekend chose Cochlear Corp. for their implant brand. And they all use the babyworn cord option in a variety of processor colors. And all but 2 of the kids were boys between 15 & 19 months. There were lots of little boys running (I mean crawling) around!

Anyway... Lucas has had a pretty nasty diaper rash this week, so I was giving his hiney some nudey time to give the rash some air. Because I had nowhere to attach his babyworn cord, I decided to try out the BTE and see how it worked. I kind of like it! And his ears seem to be sturdy enough. The only thing I don't like, is that when he does pull it off, or it falls off, it's not attached to him anywhere. But, I can get a critter clip too. I also decided it was time to change the mic cover, so we went a little *crazy* (ha!) and chose green, instead of silver.

He also enjoyed being able to wear it with his swimming trunks while we were playing outside at Oma's house. He even went through the sprinkler with it on!

But, we took it off to splash in the pool with his cousin. We were taking no chances!

Part of the secret is wig tape. Landry has been doing this since the beginning! We'll see how long it lasts though. We may be back to the babyworn soon. It works well for us too. I just wanted to try something different!


Amy said...

Yea go for the BTE! Once we tried it we were completely hooked and haven't ever gone back to the babyworn! It really is the best way to wear the CI!

leah said...

I love the "big boy" look! It's also nice that he can wear the BTE set up without having a shirt on. It's nice to have options!

tammy said...

When we tried this I liked it too (especially since there wasn't all those wires sticking out), but then ran out of wig tape and wanted to try the Babyworn set up too. I'm interested to see if you all stick with this here on out, but like Leah said, definitely nice to have options!!

Bright Family said...

Once we went to the BTE we never went back either. It is nice to be free of the wires! We use the snugfit and toupe tape and they stay all day long (if not removed for other reasons). We have used our babyworn set up this year when we were boating...could you imagine losing a hearing device in the river?! We also used the babyworn before, because it is attached, when playing outside or going to the park. Now, at almost four, Tayten would freak out and tell me instantly if it has fallen off, but yet won't tell me when the darn thing turns off!

Ericka said...

We have an Oma too! :)

Shelleyrae33 said...

What a big boy wearing his BTE!! And so cute too!!