Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Haircut

Lucas's hair was becoming a little unruly in some spots, so we decided to trim it yesterday. It's still pretty short on top, but long in the back. The right side, where his implant is, is still pretty short from surgery. But, the left side just hung wispy over his ears. And, it looked like he was getting a mullet in the back, and I wanted nothing to do with that! Let's just say I know why I'm not a hair stylist, and next time we'll leave it up to the professionals!

before the haircut

first snip

Oma helped keep his head still

distraction worked best!

no more mullet!


Laura's medical journey said...

aww hehe those pics are sweet!

misskri said...

Cute haircut, Mom! Lucas is too cute!!

Michelle said...

Lucas is so cute! I can't believe how calm he was for his haircut. I took my 23 month old to get his hair cut yesterday (1st cut since last summer)and he cried wailed and shook his head the whole time (and that's WITH a lollipop! LOL!)

Melanie said...


Amy said...

Awwww he's so CUTE! I cut off Ava's mullet the other day too lol!