Monday, March 9, 2009

Water Baby!

I'm trying to do activities with Lucas that I couldn't do if I were working right now. So... today we started swim lessons at the Lititz Rec Center! He's in the "Minnows" class, along with 5 other boys. We were supposed to start last week, but classes were canceled because of the snow. Here's a little video of my little man having fun in the water (I was enjoying myself too). My mom came along to take pictures and offer an extra pair of hands!

I thought the instructor did a great job... there were rubber duckies and watering cans to play with, some structured time, and some unstructured time. We did lots of singing too, *sigh*. I tried to sign some of the words, but I'm just not that good, and it's also tough to sign to your baby so that he can see the signs, while you're trying to keep him afloat. I couldn't help but cry a bit when we started singing and I knew that he had no idea. I know this is one of those times without sound, and I definitely want him to have the experience, but it's bittersweet, I guess.

The singing was fun though, and really drove many of our activities. We sang: Ring around the Rosie, The Wheels on the Bus, the ABC song (that was easy to sign with one hand!), Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and we chanted Motorboat and Humpty Dumpty. Each song/chant had little motions to go with it. We're going to take swim lessons until June, and then he'll be ready to move outside! Next on our activities list: lapsits at the local library... stay tuned!


Julia said...

What an adorable video!!! The gleeful look on his face is perfect -- makes my morning.

mbishopp said...

what a great experience for you both. water awakens the whole body. what a lucky boy to have that opportunity!