Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hearing Loss a la Flintstones

So.... I borrowed this great little video from Heather, who graciously shared it with me, so I could also post it on my blog. (check out the great picture on her blog - I love it!!!)

The video doesn't even get into the profound levels - where Lucas's residual hearing lies. With his cochlear implant, he has a "mild" loss, because he is testing at about 30 dB in the booth. He's not necessarily hearing with that amount of clarity right now, but that's eventually approximately how he'll hear, although probably more mechanic sounding, because it's an electronic signal. It's hard to describe, because only those who were born hearing, lost their hearing, and were then implanted can really describe the sound.

The cochlear implant is AMAZING technology. Without it, Lucas would have a very different future ahead of him. I give thanks every day for this opportunity.

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