Sunday, January 11, 2009


Thanks to all of my blog friends for your advice on keeping the processor on! We're still trying out all of your ideas... every time I think we've found the solution, something doesn't work right. I know it will come though, I'm sure of it! And I'm being very patient! I definitely think it's easier than his hearing aids, that's for sure!

Every time that I put his processor on, I think of the video below. Nate and I first saw this a few months ago, and it has stuck in my mind. Luckily, Lucas just kind of stops what he's doing for a moment, and then smiles. Maybe that's because he's still on his first program, I don't know. Nonetheless, this is a very interesting take on what it's like to attach the coil, something I will never experience, and Lucas will not be able to describe for quite a few years.


Faith said...

Wow! That video is alarming. I suppose we'll continue to turn the processor on first then connect it - and on P1 V0!!! Once you get that bottom part of the snug fit to loop around the earlobe just right, it helps a bit. We still have lots of replacing all day long. I suppose it will be that way for years. Until they get the dexterity to do it themselves!

Hope all is well.

spankey said...

Thanks for that video Jen - As one completely outside the deaf/HI community I really had no idea what a CI was like or what going from no sound to sound might be like. Blessings on the road ahead.

Christian's Mommy said...

I contacted the film maker several months ago and he has been a great resource as a young adult CI user. Adrean truly has a gift, an his perspective is so valuable to all of us hearing folks with deaf children.

With that being said, remember that his video is his perspective from going from one CI to being bilateral...AND, everyone has a different experience with their CI (Adrean will assure you of that).

Don't stress, Lucas will get used to all the wonderful sounds he is hearing!

mbishopp said...

ok, i have to be honest. with my son's activation day being this friday, that video freeked me out. is that really how he feels when he turns his implant on? how can i prevent that?
any tips as we step into a new work of wires and beeps?

Lucas'Mommy said...

Unfortunately, I don't know what it's like for him yet. He seems to just stop and smile, so it must not be bothering him that much. I think it's different for everyone. From what I've been told, always start on volume 0, which helps the transition. I didn't mean to concern you... I'm sure he will transition well. I think it's just good to keep in mind that it's something very different than we, as hearing parents, have ever experienced.

Jennifer said...

From a CI user's perspective: I watched that video once and could totally relate to it...but I have one ear that has a rare vibrotactile sensation rather than good hearing. When I put the CI on the sensation inside my head would blow me away for a while there but that is much better now. The other one provides "normal sound" (whatever that is ;)) but if I put it on with the volume up it will still blow me away. Just put it on low volume when you put it on and increase it gradually and no worries :). If he's smiling and happy, you're good to go...if he acts scared or cries, turn it down. It sounds like Lucas is a very happy little camper with his CI!
I think that the CI babies have the advantage of no previous sound to unlearn and have to learn again. I had a tiny bit of hearing left before my implants and it took me a while to get to where I felt like my hearing was natural sounding. Of course, since I wore a hearing aid for so long, what sounds natural to me probably wouldn't to you!