Friday, January 23, 2009

2 weeks post-activation

Lucas has been "hearing" for 2 weeks now. He's not doing so badly with his processor either! He will even let it alone for up to an hour. It's most challenging when he's in his high chair or car seat, because it gets knocked off when his head brushes against the back of the seat. I'm SOOOO glad that he's not constantly yanking at it! He's doing pretty well with the babyworn option right now too. So far so good.

I haven't posted in a while, because I really haven't had anything spectacular to report. We do get him to turn his head when he hears loud sounds (drum, clapping, etc.). We're also working with "meow" right now, as we have 3 meows to meow at in the house. I swear the other day I meowed and he looked up and pointed to one of our cats. I'm a really big skeptic too, but it really looked like he did! He's learning about the presence and absence of sound. Don't forget that he's like a newborn again in terms of his hearing.

Today we had another mapping at CHOP. He's tolerating the volume really well, so we came home with 4 new programs to work through until our next mapping in 2 more weeks. He now has more volume, which gives him more access to sound, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what he will do in the next 2 weeks. Today at the appointment, his audi was again really impressed by his reactions (especially for having only been activated for 2 weeks, and only being 13 months old), so we did some booth testing. He gave us the impression that he typically doesn't do booth testing so soon, but thought Lucas might do well. Now, although Lucas wasn't responding perfectly (partly because he was really into his toys probably), he still was responding at 50 dB!!!!!!!!!! I mean, that's not really something to write home about, except for the fact that we couldn't even get him to react at 120 dB previously!!! His audi expects that next time we test him in the booth, he will react between 15 & 20 dB. Keep in mind that Lucas is hearing beeps and buzzes right now, and that's it, but it's still more than 15 days ago! His audi pointed out to us that it will soon be much less about what he does in terms of the mapping and much more about what Lucas's brain will do to interpret the beeps and buzzes. That's why therapy and constant reinforcement of the therapy is SOOO important. He still has a long way to go. But we're definitely on the way, no doubt about it!!!!!

Today marks the first day of my 8 month stint as a stay-at-home mom/full time therapist :), and I am thrilled. It doesn't feel like it yet, because of being at CHOP today, followed by my nephew's birthday party tomorrow, and a crazy week of appointments next week... another CHOP follow-up (too bad we couldn't do that today too, but I did try), a dentist appointment for me, a consult with a physical therapist (we are discontinuing occupational therapy, because when Lucas was assessed at 12 months he scored at 15m for fine motor skills, 14m for adaptive skills and 10m for gross motor skills... so we're going to see whether it would be beneficial for him to work with a PT to bring his gross motor up to par... mostly walking and balance issues), therapy with TOD, therapy with SLP and his bi-annual cardiology visit. We're praying that his heart condition will have improved a bit, and that he will continue to not need medication or surgery. It has taken a back-seat to Lucas's hearing loss, and we pray that it can continue to do so. It still worries me though, of course.

It snowed a little bit last Monday... enough to get out Lucas's sled and walk around the block. Here's a picture of him all bundled up in the cute outfit that Laurie sent him from California for Christmas!!! (Thanks Lou!!!).


leahlefler said...

Oh, what a cute picture! I love the red snowsuit. Three "meows" should give lots of listening opportunities- we have two cats and one of the first "words" Nolan had was a version of meow. Good luck with the new maps and he sounds like he's doing GREAT for only hearing for two weeks!

tammy said...

Wow ... if we don't lead such similar lifes! We have two cats and Aiden goes crazy about them. I'm shocked he hasn't signed cat yet, but definitely knows the sign receptively.
It seemed my life was busier when I first quit working too, but I just had to find that schedule - especially with two older kids too. My world seemed nonstop busy, but once we got our schedule down, it eased into place! Oh the days with Aiden at home are just wonderful! The only thing I miss is my social life! haha

Aiden gets PT too. He is ahead in his fine motor skills too, but his gross are way behind. He's still not crawling yet has started cruising the furniture. I'm sure our boys LVAS has a play in this with their balance.

And I got your comment on my blog, I commented back but thought I'd write here too. If you ever need any info let me know! Despite my blog entry, I love where we are! And you know I'd have to come meet you and your sweet boy if you ever did head this way!

Christian's Mommy said...

I'm so glad to hear that alls well with you guys! Tammy is right, once you get that schedule in place, you'll find it gets so much easier. Sometimes I think the term "stay-at-home mom" is a bit deceiving, as I am certainly in the car, at appointments, playdates, and classes, far more than I am at home.

Morgan's Mommy said...

I am glad to hear that everything went will with the mapping...Its nice to know someone who shares the same audiologist. The picture of Lucas in his sled is adorable. Take care and Happy Listening!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. I used to work outside of the home and doing what we do now is much more time consuming and exhausting. Only recently has it felt like I have the time to sit back and relax for part of my day. And it feels GOOD!