Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. This picture was taken yesterday at our favorite local outdoor eating spot. It was 80 degrees yesterday, and cool and rainy again today. I'm ready for some consistent spring weather. Enough with the weather yo-yo-ing!

2. Lucas heads to CHOP with his daddy tomorrow to see Dr. K about his ear. I'm anxious to hear what his recommendation is. It doesn't like like the "cyst" has exactly returned, but who knows. We're still praying for no surgery.

3. Operation peepeeonthepotty has been somewhat successful over the past few days. I decided to forgo the training diapers and go right for the big boy underwear. Although he's had a few accidents, he's doing really well! I've vowed not to buy any more diapers. 

4. I went through all of Lucas's spring/summer clothes last night, and I am soooo ready to put away his winter wardrobe and break out some new looks!

5. We took Lucas to see Hop on Saturday afternoon. It was not as good as Tangled, but he sat through most of it. He even ate almost an entire small popcorn by himself. Scary.

6. I ordered some extra Aloksak bags today from Amazon. Summer swimming with hearing, "hear" we come!

7. Lucas had a conversation with my dad on my cell phone tonight (speaker phone). It will never, ever get old that he is able to do that.

8. Lucas has a new obsession with our cats. It's a good thing that we have the most.tolerant.cats.on.earth. They even seem to like the attention. Our one cat is as big as Lucas is.

This one was taken after Lucas pulled Sammy off the back of the couch. He didn't seem to mind though, because he is there willingly in the picture.

9. We're busy making summer plans! It's less than 2 months now until summer break, when I get to spend some major quality time with my boy! I have so many ideas for some great language-rich experiences!

10. Now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time that Lucas took off and hid or dismantled his new ear... that's exciting!!!


Melanie said...

All good things! I am still too scared to try the Aloksak but I really, really want to...

leah said...

Shorts!! I can't wait until shorts weather descends upon us! Here's to the coming of summer and playing outside in the sunshine! Saying a little prayer that Lucas doesn't need surgery.

Your cat is really, really big - too funny. Our cats avoid our boys like the plague (we got them many years before we had the kids, and they've always been a little skittish).