Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I've been enjoying reading other "Ten on Tuesday" blog posts over the last several weeks, and I decided it was my turn.

1. I should be working on my "Everything Google in the Classroom" course right now instead of writing this post. It will have to wait.

2. Lucas is adjusting to daylight savings time. It's been easier than it years past. As much as I enjoy that it stays light longer, I don't enjoy waking Lucas up during the week when it's still dark.

3. I've had enough teacher and teacher union bashing in the news to last me an entire lifetime. Enough said.

4. Lucas insists on being called a "big boy". I keep reminding him that he must start using the potty willingly to officially be called a big boy. Reverse psychology is not working. He's not interested.

5. I am so ready for spring! I want to play outside with my boy and spend lots of time at the park!

6. Lucas continues to make progress with his new ear. Tonight before his bath I noticed that he took the old ear off first and just had the new one on for a bit, willingly & unprompted.

7. Speaking of two ears, it looks really strange to me to see Lucas wearing only one CI. I remember how strange it was to see him with 2 CIs for the very first time. It's amazing how perspectives can change in 3 months.

8. Tonight I got my first phone call to act as a mentor through Parent to Parent of PA. There's a newly diagnosed family in my area that is looking for support. I spoke with the mom for about a half an hour this evening. I am so happy to serve new families in this way!

9. I rarely write a blog post without interruption or distraction. It often takes me 1-2 hours, because I stop and do other things. Tonight is no exception. I'm finished with my weekly work for my grad course. I guess Ten on Tuesday was the one doing the waiting tonight.

10. I'm looking forward to taking Lucas to PT and speech therapy tomorrow evening. One of these days I'll finally blog about our IEP process and Lucas's current services. He continues to work with an amazing team, and we couldn't be happier with his services right now! Okay... unless we were still working with Miss J...


tammy said...

Same here with the big boy thing! He gets so excited when we read about Ernie going potty and not wearing diapers anymore, but him, nothing. What's funny is he used the potty more when I wasn't trying. So I'm giving up for a bit.

Great news about the new ear! I hope you all will be in town while we're here! I'd love to get the boys together again!

leah said...

Good luck on the "big boy" issues. We had (and still have) a terrible time with Matthew... and he's FIVE. Nolan, on the other hand, trained very easily. I have no idea why some kids are so hard when it comes to toilet training!

What a great mentor you are - the program couldn't have picked a better "mentor family." I hope the new family gets some comfort from seeing how well Lucas has done!