Monday, November 22, 2010

long day

Here's the short version... tomorrow I will write a longer post. Hopefully Lucas will be feeling better then, and I will have gotten some rest.

It's been a very long, rather stressful, but successful day. We are home. We were discharged at 1 PM. The surgeon was able to fully insert the N5 electrode array, and it is working appropriately. It's been a long afternoon/evening though, because Lucas has not been able to keep anything down. He wants to eat anything and everything, but much to his dismay, he can't. I'm happy to report that he can walk though, although he's a little bit wobbly from the anesthesia. I hope he has a good night, and I'll write more tomorrow. Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes.


Lone Star Family said...

Praying for a speedy recovery and a good nights rest for you all.

leah said...

I am saying a prayer for Lucas's tummy to settle- what a rough day for everyone involved. Great news about getting the full electrode array in, though- sending speedy recovery thoughts your way!

As an aside, we were reading a "Dora's Thanksgiving" book at preschool today and the book asked who the kids' friends were. Matt answered Abbey (his little girlfriend from Pre-K), but Nolan shouted, "MY MUCUS IS MY FWIEND!"

It was pretty cute!

Anonymous said...

That's good. Hope he will feeling better soon. All the best. From New Zealand.

xraevision said...

I realize that it is a tough decision to have the second surgery - so many pros and cons. Tonight, we attended a lecture by audiologists from our province's renowned CI team that included this very topic. I look forward to reading stories about how Lucas adjusts. Wishing him a speedy recovery, and excellent progress with his second CI!

tammy said...

I am so glad this day has come and gone for you all. The nervousness and nausea (felt by all) getting through the day of surgery is now over (well, and hopefully over for Lucas too) and now comes the excitement as you wait for activation. You all have fought long and hard for this second implant and now Lucas is bilateral! Yippeee!!! Cannot wait to see his activation! Cograts!

Kat said...

Saw the FB post that he is feeling much better today and is keeping food down. Praise God for the nourishment of food...just in time to enjoy some turkey for Thanksgiving. All of us with CI kiddos have so much to be thankful for this year and every year. Our little ones can hear all the wonderful things around them...they can whisper, shout and say, "I love you."

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.