Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, we're home. Yesterday was a long day of traveling, but we made it home to our beds by about midnight. Unfortunately, Lucas is still on west coast time. Last night he went to bed at 1 AM (10 PM), woke up at 10 AM (7 AM), napped from 3-5 PM (12-2 PM), and wouldn't got to bed until almost 11 PM (8 PM). The west coast times don't sound quite as ridiculous. Hopefully we can get his schedule situated soon!

I bet the halls of JTC were empty this morning without the pitter patter of little bionic kid feet and the coffee brewing for knowledge-hungry parents. Lucas still asks about his teachers & friends all the time, and it makes me cry. Tonight before bed he said bye-bye to everyone in his class. I think he gets it. But, it's hard for me not to be able to take him to see his friends.

We're trying to adjust to the super humid weather around here. I now understand why Southern California is so densely populated. The weather is just spectacular. I feel like I live in a tropical rain forest without the fun rain forest part here in the northeast.

I think it was easier adjusting to life there than re-adjusting to life here. I will admit that it was comforting to get back into our crossover at the airport and drive home; it was comfortable to sleep in our own bed; it was exciting to see our cats & family. But, it's back to reality. It's time to buy a house (since ours is sold). It's time to get ready to go back to work (that's school for us). It's time to seek another opinion about a 2nd implant for Lucas. It's time to get Lucas a new earmold for his hearing aid. It's time to reconnect with friends and family. It's time to prepare Lucas for preschool. AND... it's time to put everything we learned at JTC into practice. Since it's our goal to "integrate listening into our child's personality", we must now integrate our new skills into our daily routines. Like I said at support group one day. "We're not going to change what we do as a family, we're just going to change how we do it." Let's get this party started.


leah said...

I feel like we jumped back into a hurricane! It can be so exhausting to come home with such a long to-do list! We have our IEP meeting on Thursday, so I am hurriedly creating mini-report books like they had on display at JTC. Busy, busy, busy!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I can't imagine being away for so long - 3 weeks does get you pretty well adjusted.

I'm glad you got to have such an awesome experience. I've never been there, but JTC is the best!

MB said...

It's been a year for us and I still miss them (and the weather!) terribly almost every single day.

xraevision said...

We were also happy to be home and start integrating all of our new skills, but we sure did have a hard time readjusting to our life without JTC, the staff and friends. Good luck from here!

mamatoadeafmiracle said...

you must need a vacation from your "semi-vacation". I'm glad you had a great experience! be ready to be asked, "how was JTC?!"

I wish you guys luck in the way you do things as a family. There are days that we are a picture perfect family and the next day, can be total chaos. It's how we deal with it that makes the difference. And I received an email from JTC the other day because I am in the PreSchool Distance learning program and Kathleen informed me that it's a bit quiet there. It's the calm before the storm before their full time preschool students come back

tammy said...

Touching post. I often wonder how the wee ones think when they're gone from home so long. It's like adjusting to whole new scenery (and schedule), thinking it's their new normal, only to be brought back to what they once knew all over again. I can't believe it's over either as it seems like just yesterday you all left!

I've already emailed and spoken to Kathleen about next year's session; I think I'll be the first on the list! ; )