Saturday, June 19, 2010

totally on the mend!

Lucas is doing really well. If you didn't see his fingerless glove-like bandages, you'd have no idea that he had surgery this week! I'm so glad that he bounced back so quickly!

Friday at Dutch Wonderland was a wonderful way to end a stressful week. This amusement park is geared toward younger children, is the right size and has the perfect amount of trees for shade. If you ever decide to visit the park, let us know and we'll join you!

Here are some pictures. He did pretty well with his ear all day. We only had him remove it once, because we were afraid it would fly. He kept asking for it though, while he was waiting for the ride to start. Our boy loves to hear, that's for sure! We spent the day with Oma & Opa, Aunt Kristin, Uncle Mike & Ryan, and we even saw Aunt Liz, Uncle Chris & Lydia later in the day. Lucas got to ride rides with both of his cousins. The joy on Lucas's face while he was on the rides was absolutely priceless. He especially liked "The Whip"! We hope to go back again some time in August.

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leah said...

What a fun day! That amusement park looks perfect for little guys. Summer is so much fun with all the activities!

I'm glad Lucas's thumbs are on the mend- here's to no more surgeries for a long, long, long time!