Tuesday, March 16, 2010

spring is in the air!

Today I was reminded why springtime is my favorite time of year. I love not having to wear a coat, I love the sunshine, I love hearing the birds, and I love not being couped up inside. I feel like springtime is a time for new beginnings and new life; it gives me a more positive outlook on life. I look forward to spending lots more time outside with Lucas and the wonderful new language opportunities it will bring!

Lucas enjoyed his first trip to the park in about 5 months. It was so much easier now that he can walk well! It was great PT too, walking on uneven surfaces. He could climb up himself and slide down by himself, both improvements from last summer. He even willingly gave me his ear before going down the slide when I asked for it.

He giggled with delight, like I haven't heard him giggle in some time. It's going to be a great spring.


leah said...

What a great day at the park! I can't wait to take the boys... maybe today!

Dave said...

Wonderful to see a child enjoy the day.


The Brights said...

What a cutie! Love his smiles!

I am waiting patiently for the snow to go away. Unfortunately, I will be spending my summer days outside removing things from a tiny toddlers mouth...maybe he could where his mittens in the summer too!

Amy said...

We had the hottest March 18th on record in Toronto. Ava loved the park all week. However, I didn't even bother to remove her CI's when she went down the slide. Am I being careless? I don't know...maybe? But I hate her not hearing...so I do leave them on. Is it true that wiping the slide with a dryer sheet sufficiently gets rid of static? Love the new blog picture too!