Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MRI Results

Dr. K (CI ENT @ CHOP) called last week and left a message for me about Lucas' MRI results. At first, I was mad that I chose not to answer the call (because it was a random phone number), but then I was glad to have his message on my voice mail, because I listened to it like 10 times and got something different out of it every time I listened to it (and still continue to...).

He said that it appears that Lucas has auditory nerves in both ears and he said "that's good!" Without auditory nerves the CI would not be possible, because the CI bypasses the cochlea and stimulates the nerve directly to create "sound". So I'm really excited that physically he should be a candidate! That's what we were hoping for. I'm sure that we will learn more August 11-13, when we are able to ask the many questions that we have!

Usually I don't look forward to going to CHOP, as it's just another reminder of Lucas' deafness. This time, however, I'm kind of excited. We will have our CI info meeting, an appointment with his AV therapist, another booth testing appointment to see if we can chart his hearing loss anymore (and be fitted with new ear molds) and then an appointment with this new CI ENT, who can discuss the MRI with us at length. Hopefully we can then move forward with planning his CI surgery. For now, it's off to a relaxing week at the beach on Sunday before that all takes place!

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Christian's Mommy said...

Congrats on the great news with the MRI. Just one more appointment to knock of your list!